5 Must See Series on Amazon Prime Video in 2019

To gain a foothold in the highly competitive VOD market, Amazon Prime Videokeeps increasing its broadcasts and offers. Thus, 2019 has many surprises for the subscribers. The streaming platform know that to establish itself on the market, it has to offer original and exclusive content. For this year, the company intends to broadcast these 5 original creations.

1.      The Romanoffs

Created by Matthew Weiner, the story is aboutpeople who are believed to be descendants of the Romanovs, the dynasty of the last Russian tsars. The series consists of several episodes and each of them tells a different story. The first broadcast was on October 12th 2018, but new episodes will be released this year. As usual, Amazon promises high quality videos and also know that you can get a better sound on Prime Video with Nahimic.

2.      Homecoming

This series has already been broadcasted since November 2nd 2018. It is a creation by Sam Esmailwith Julia Roberts as the leading actress. The famous American actress plays Heidi Bergman, a social worker specialized in soldiers’ social reintegration. Eventually, she gave up on this job. But she is still struggling to bury her past once and for all! Four years later, a Defense Department investigator comes up and everything changes…

3.      Deutsch-Les-Landes

It will be the first French series of Amazon Prime Video. It was developed with a German production. The leading role is played by the French actress Marie-Anne Chazel. Sheputs herself in the shoes of Martine, the mayor of an imaginary Les Landes village which is in a precarious condition, a situation that obliges the mayor to surrender part of her municipality to the owner of a car company. But this latter’s arrival in Les Landeshas important consequences on the villagers’ life…

4.      Good Omens

All 6 episodes of Good Omens are set to be released on May 31st 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. This one is a Neil Gaiman’screation. It talks about an angel and a demon cohabiting with humans on Earth. Meanwhile, they are struggling to flee from an impending war. A lot of well-known actors will play in the serial, including David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Miranda Richardson and Jon Hamm.

5.      CarnivalRow

Carnival Row is a fantastic series created by René Echevarria and Travis Beacham.  It will be directed by Jon Amiel and played by stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. If you are looking for action, you will be very well served with Carnival Row. Do not forget to install Nahimic software on your computer to make the best of it.