Age of Gods Series Timeline

It’s one of the most popular slot games on the internet, an Ancient Greek juggernaut of high quality graphics, engaging gameplay and fantastic bonuses so you always have the chance to win it big. If you have not guessed already, we are talking about one of the most popular franchise series Age of Gods which has rocked slot players’ world since April 2016. It may only be 2 and a bit years old, but this series has produced a lot of games!

Playtech, who created the Age of Gods franchise have in the past promised exciting and an out of this world gaming experience which would be coupled with a fantastic jackpot. But after the license they had previously used to make comic hero themed slots expired, they had to come up with a new game series to entertain their players. This meantPlaytech’s vision was to set up a slots series for themselves to replace Marvel.

Drawing inspiration from Ancient Greek myths, they set out to make a game that had that titanic heroic feel using the gods of Greek Mythology as their role models. Ever since the game first launched in April 2017, the series has been a hit, making it clear that they have surpassed their promise. Since then the slot series has gone from strength to strength with an incredible 7 slot games in the series.  Arriving mid-December, it will be the latest instalment with much anticipation from the gaming community to see how they’ve updated and enhanced the gameplay.

The original game back in 2016 was given the simple title, ‘Age of Gods’. With the God power houses all represented from the Lightning of Zeus, the Wisdom of Athena, Strength of Hercules and Poseidon, the God of the Sea.From then it has accelerated to special editions such as Age of Gods – Prince of Olympus which focuses more on the legendary heroics of Hercules, and even a Roulette Live release in September 2017 which provided a stunning backdrop to the progressive jackpot roulette and a new gameplay experience separate from their slots offering.

In total, there have been 7 Age of the Gods games and it’s quite possible one of them may have passed you by, but have done the hard work for us and have provided a detailed timeline of each specific Age of the Gods game, when it came out and some of the unique things about the game that make it stand out from the bunch. We unfortunately still do not know the intricate details of the new slot game but we are pretty confident it will not be last in an epic series of games!