An introduction to Thomas Shelby’s style

Whether you are a cinephile or not, you have definitely heard about the infamous show Peaky Blinders. Its influence on modern fashion is something that is hardly arguable. But who is responsible for creating the outfits worn by the Birmingham based gang? For that, we have to thank Stephanie Collie, a costume designer who worked on over sixty cinema pieces, according to Due to her efforts, the costumes worn by Tomas Shelby, the main character and his group, are now popular again. The leader of Birmingham’s most famous criminal gang won our hearts not only through his charisma and personality, but also via his classic and timeless style.

What makes Thomas Shelby’s style unique?

What is highly distinguishable about the pieces worn by the Peaky Blinders is the monochrome palette they are using when it comes to their clothes. Usually, they wear a three-piece uniform, composed of a newsboy cap, in which they incorporate hidden blades, a detachable collar shirt and a heavy overcoat. Even though the action happened almost a century old, the style they are displaying is still considered to be trendy, and has been revamped along with the growing popularity of the series. Whether you are a fan of the so-called vintage suit or not, you can still pair the individual elements with modern garments for a more ”21st century” look.

The Irish flat cap

Thomas Shelby’s vestimentary choices have an intricate history behind them. For example, the flat cap, also known as the newsboy’s hat, is a sign of humility: even after successfully climbing the social ladder, he symbolically chose to wear the hat in order to feel closer to the lower classes of his community. In the 1920s, the Irish flat caps were part of the classic worker’s uniform, and were considered a distinctive garment of the working class. The Peaky Blinders are people who never forgot where they came from, hence, even after becoming rich and powerful, they still wore the headpieces so as to indirectly inform the society they lived in that they were once part of them. In spite of the fact that you cannot join the Peaky Blinders, you can still adopt a part of their style by buying an Irish flat cap yourself here, at Perfect for the rainy fall and for the freezing winter, a classy newsboy cap can be worn not only with a three piece suit like Shelby and his gang did, but also with a  casual outfit that would fit the twenty-first century style.

The heavy overcoat

An essential element of Thomas Shelby’s look is a long, massive, textured overcoat that fits him perfectly and that appears to be bespoken just for him. Made of heavy wool, usually found on grey, black, or deep blue, Shelby’s coat is not only a crucial part of his wardrobe but it also draws attention to his character and personality traits, portraying him as a hectic perfectionist and  as an elegant outlaw. Such a piece can indeed be pricey, but it will surely prove to be worth the money, and will last for years. Thus, the overcoat can be perceived as a lifelong investment in your wardrobe, since they are sure to be timelessly in vogue.