Euro Truck Simulator 2-The Latest Vehicle Simulator Game

euro truck simulator 2 kostenlos

One of the popular genres of video games is vehicle simulation games. These types of games are known to offer the players with a realistic experience of operating different vehicles. In general, these types of games are majorly restricted to car racing and flight simulators. But gradually today games are being developed based on other types of vehicles as well. One such popular game is the Euro Truck Simulator 2 kostenlos. The game is a part of the truck simulator series and is a sequel to the popular Euro Truck Simulator. The SCS Software developed and published the game on all the three Windows, Linus and Mac OS. Players get to drive a truck and enroute picking up and delivering cargo.

Understanding the Game

In the initial stages of the game as a player, one can get quick jobs. You will be actually hired by a delivery business to make their deliveries. Everything from the truck to the fuels and the road tolls everything is provided by the company. As a player, you are only required to make deliveries. Eventually, when you have earned enough you can afford buying a truck for yourself and continue making the deliveries. In the process of the game as a player, you can hire drivers to take deliveries and also expand your garage to contain a higher number of trucks. Eventually, during the game, you can create your own huge fleet of trucks and expand the business further.

euro truck simulator 2

The money earned during the game can also be used for purchasing trailers as well which as a player you can receive and deliver cargos at various storage locations. After each successful delivery experience points are awarded to the players. Also after every level skill points are awarded to the player. These skill points have unlocked various features like special cargo loads, long distance deliveries, and eco-driving etc.  Some of the other distinct features of the game include

  • 12 different countries covering 71 cities with over 20 different cargo types that need to be carried. The game also features 15 delivery companies located across Europe.
  • There is a radio feature available in the game using which the players can listen to internet radio channels.
  • The game expands to more countries and locations through the available 5 map DLC.

System Requirements

There are certain minimum system requirements for Euro Truck Simulator 2 kostenlos to run smoothly.

  1. The required operating system is Windows 7.
  2. Processor specifications for the game is a Quad core 3.0 GHz CPU.
  3. The RAM requirements are 6GB apart from this a 10 GB available space on the hard drive is also required.
  4. The sound system should be Direct X compatible.

Awards and Recognitions

The game after its launch was critically acclaimed and presented with many awards. One of the prominent ones includes “Sim of the Year 2012” by the PC Gamer during their end of the year awards. It also features in the list of “The 25 Best Simulation Games Ever Made” by Shotgun, Paper, and Rock.