Finding Out Which House You Belong to in Harry Potter!

Harry Potter House quiz

Every Harry Potter fan, or Potterhead as we call it, would want to receive their very own Hogwarts letter and study witchcraft at the most prestigious wizarding school. Even if it’s not real, one could keep on dreaming, right? And ever since Harry Potter came out in theaters, every person who watched it continued to keep the magic alive in their own way. And because of this movie’s popularity, there are many merchandises, games, and other forms of entertainment made to keep Harry Potter in our hearts and our minds.

One popular form of entertainment created is the never-boring harry potter houses quiz by Quiz Lagoon. It’s perfectly safe, and you can share this with your Potterhead friends as well. If you clicked on the quiz one too many times, then you can’t deny the fact that you are a true Harry Potter fan at heart. Try the quiz again and make sure that you got the house that you feel you belonged to!

Taste the Magic in the Air by Knowing which House You Belong to!

If you haven’t gotten your Hogwarts letter yet, don’t worry. Sometimes these owls get lost, and one might be already on its way to your house! But while you’re waiting, why don’t you find out which house you belong to? Are you going to be a strong and brave Gryffindor, a clever Ravenclaw, a cunning Slytherin, or a patient and loyal Hufflepuff? Whatever house you may end up with, we’re sure you belong there for a reason. And the sorting hat is never wrong when it comes to sorting you to your houses!

Harry Potter House quiz

If you’re still not ready to face the sorting hat, you can answer Quiz Lagoon’s quiz in the meantime. The answers will be as close as possible to your real house when you get to Hogwarts, and this is a fun way to anticipate the sorting hat’s answer. Join one of the unique Houses in Harry Potter and show them what you’re made of!

A Fun Way to Become a Witch or a Wizard

There are millions of Harry Potter fans all over the world, and this is what keeps the magical wizarding world alive. Even though we can’t see it, we can feel it. Some of the fun ways that a Potterhead would do is dress up as witches or wizards, take Harry Potter personality quizzes, read Harry Potter books, and watch the movies for the nth time. But one of the best kinds is by taking a Harry Potter House quiz and imagining what life would be like when you’re in the world of magic.

Even though it might not be true, it’s never wrong to dream about it because who wouldn’t want to have magical powers and meet creatures outside this world? Also, aligning your personality to the house that you potentially belong to is a fun way to become a witch or wizard in the real world, even if it’s in a form of a fun and quirky personality quiz!