Hobbies That Can Put Food on the Table

It is too easy to get food these days. All you have to do is go to the closest grocery and then buy something. For some people, this isn’t a satisfying experience. These individuals want to earn their food, and they have made hobbies out of it. If you want to savor a meal that came from your own bare hands, here are some of the hobbies that highlight that.


When people think of a hobby that lets you stock your refrigerator, hunting is what comes up. People see hunters go into the woods and come back with a big deer for butchering or a brace of ducks. It sounds simple at first: get a gun and go out and shoot something. However, it is not that simple. For one, if you are a complete beginner, it is a good idea to look for someone to teach you the basics. Hunting is dangerous, and you need someone to guide you through the beginning stages so that you don’t do anything wrong. There are hunting clubs out there that offer hunter education courses. Sign up for those as your first step.

After attending the course and getting your starting gear, the next step is to get a mentor. If you have family or friends who are hunters, then they are a perfect choice. But if you are alone, there are mentorship programs on hunting that you can join. Your mentor will instruct you on the finer details of hunting and the rules you have to follow if you don’t want to get into trouble.


For those who are squeamish about guns and hunting, another hobby can allow you to get some food. It is fishing, and while it may seem easier than hunting, it brings its own set of challenges. For one, you’ll have to decide on what type of fishing you want to focus on: freshwater or saltwater fishing. This will influence everything from the equipment you will use to the fish you aim to catch. You might decide to do both, but it is easier to focus on one type first.

Learning to fish is a lesson in patience. Finding the right spot, choosing the right lure, and manipulating the line to tempt the fish to bite can be frustrating. You might not even catch anything on your first try. But it can also be pretty relaxing, sitting by the water and waiting for a catch. Starting from your first attempt, it is all a matter of developing your skills.


Our ancestors didn’t just hunt and fish. They also harvested the bounties of the natural world. They did this by foraging, and it has become a major hobby in its own right. It can be surprising how plentiful it is in the wild woods. While it can be intimidating at first, it can quickly be a great hobby to try out.

The first thing you have to do is to join a class. It sounds strange, but formal training is the best approach if you want to be as safe as possible with your foraging. This is mainly because you’ll be picking up a wide variety of plants. You need to be able to identify them correctly. If you don’t, you might end up in the hospital or worse. Besides the beginner course, you should supplement your education with books and experience.

There are three things to remember when foraging. First, be sure about the plant. Next, respect the land. Foraging is not always welcome, so be sure that you are doing it on land where you have permission. Finally, you will want to leave some behind. You are a forager, so you should only be taking enough for your meal. Leave some behind for the next time or other foragers.


There is always the option of trapping for those who don’t want to be active about their food gathering. Considered as a cousin of hunting, it is the better choice for those who want to catch some of the more dangerous animals like wild hogs. This minimizes the risk. It is also not as easy as it sounds. Preparing a trap is like a hunt in itself, and it can be a very diverting hobby.

Getting your food is an incredible achievement. There is nothing like eating something that you worked hard for. There is something primal about it, and it gives you a great sense of achievement. All these hobbies are not easy, and they require dedication and effort. But they can all be very rewarding once you have your bounty in front of you.