Six essential tips to make your music festival experience great

Australian music festival

Music festivals are one of the most-awaited events each year by a lot of people. Some of the world’s best musicians, bands, and singers converge at a single place to play their best music to thousands, even millions of fans.

Because of its engagement of multiple senses, music festivals give you an incredible and very immersive experience that will surely be memorable especially when you are with your closest friends. For some, it has become a tradition like the Coachella, Astroworld, and Neverland to name a few.

If you are new to joining a music festival, the last thing on your mind would be ruining it all. So how can you prepare yourself during a music festival? To find out, here are some valuable tips that will surely give you the best of time before you head to the Australian music festival.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated– Not with booze, but with water or hydration drinks because music festivals last for an entire day or two because there are usually a dozen artists performing for hours. Alcoholic drinks do not rehydrate you, but instead, it will dehydrate your body, so you have to make sure you have a good balance of booze and hydration to keep you up the entire music festival.
  2. Make sure you have the proper music festival guide– You should plan out if the festival will last for multiple days because not all artists that will perform fits your musical taste, so grab a festival guide early on and you can save yourself from stress, money and time by checking out the schedule of your favorite musician’s performance on stage.
  3. Check the weather always– You would not want to spend your entire music festival experience dried out in the sun or getting soaked in the rain. You should check out the weather forecast to wear appropriate clothing that will surely give you convenience and comfort.
  4. Pre-purchase your tickets early– Once the tickets are available, make sure you purchase one for yourself and your squad because the majority of music festivals that sell tickets provide early bird rates for its ticket prices where you can save yourself a considerable amount of money. Also, at music festivals that sell camping, you should also buy your tickets for it early because it is usually a first come first serve basis. Not just the music festival tickets and your camping, but also your plane tickets, car rental reservations, and your hotel.
  5. Follow the festival rules– You should follow the rules in music festivals so that you will not get yourself into trouble. If the music festival venue allows you to bring alcoholic drinks, food, and water then you should bring to save money, or if it does not allow then you should simply obey the rules to prevent your experience from getting ruined.
  6. Prepare a proper budget– If the music festival will last for days and that you are joining will run for a couple of days, it is best advised to be thrifty and not overspend on buying memorabilia, alcoholic drinks, and souvenir items that are too many and too useless. Instead, you should save a considerable amount of money for food, water, and emergency purposes.