SoundCloud Marketing Tips: Social Media Tools to Promote Music

Undoubtedly, it is a dream of many musicians & what you think about when you dream success. Nobody likes to dream the challenging parts of the stardom. Its never-ending production expenses, fighting for attention of the new fans, late-night gigs, as well as self-promotion. Becoming the successful musician is not simple – but it is not impossible. The musicians are the busy people, when your main priority is music, the efficient & well-executed SoundCloud promotion and marketing strategy is  very important for the growth.

The new talent is reaching many fans daily, because of the SoundCloud music promotion power. In today’s article, we are going to look at how you will achieve the successful promotion of the music at SoundCloud through the popular media channels.

What’s SoundCloud?

If you have not considered going with SoundCloud promotion for the music, you must definitely give it one try. With over 175 million worldwide users, SoundCloud is one of the largest music & audio platform across the world. The new artists may easily upload the original music & share this with the SoundCloud’s growing user base. The music & audio creators both can share & monetize the content globally, besides receiving the detailed stats & feedback from SoundCloud community.

The users have an ability of sharing music, promote their SoundCloud songs, as well as connect straight with the artists, and discover tracks, podcasts and raw demos.

SoundCloud or BandCamp or Spotify – Know the Difference?

Besides SoundCloud you may have heard about BandCamp & Spotify. All three are the biggest music streaming websites right now. Thus, what is the major difference between all of them & why do we suggest SoundCloud?


Spotify isn’t the publishing platform but music streaming one with the social sharing. Suppose you are not a label and publishing company, you may need to go through the artist aggregator who can license & collect the cut of royalty fees.

Bandcamp and SoundCloud promotion


Bandcamp is quite similar to SoundCloud here artists will post the music & people may listen for free, however the website has the feature, which allows the people to buy the albums in “pay-whatever-you-want” tag and make the donations to artists. Whereas BandCamp is the popular & growing platform for the artists, SoundCloud, appeared as the social media network itself, has the biggest reach across the world.

Importance of the SoundCloud Promotion Strategy

Whereas SoundCloud has the substantial monthly following of 175 million users, still it does not stack up against the Facebook’s 2.23 billion, Twitter’s 300 million and Youtube’s 1.8 billion monthly followers. The SoundCloud listeners are liking and tweeting other artists over social media channels. Suppose you are not actively promoting the SoundCloud music, you are handing this spotlight to somebody else.