What is the moco museum?

moco museum

The Moco Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art in Amsterdam that offers a wide range of modern and contemporary art accessible to all audiences. The moco museum honors the pioneers and protagonists who made their name, the famous rock stars of art who expressed themselves in various artistic movements: for example, studio Irma, the famous creator of Reflecting forward.

Thus, with its captivating collections and its high-level curators, the Moco responds to the desire of the widest possible audience. To take a look into the world of art that is usually hidden from the public.

Some key points of the Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is housed in a beautiful villa from the early 1900s, designed by the Dutch architect Eduard Cuypers. And since its opening in 2016, the museum has enjoyed international success with its unique exhibition of works by street artist Banksy. Many of Banksy’s most famous pieces are on display: Laugh Now, Barcode, Girl with the Balloon and Flower Thrower.

Some key points of the Moco Museum

Indeed, the moco museum is the first museum in the world to exhibit Banksy’s art in a formal setting. The exhibition, entitled Laugh Now, contains around 50 of his most influential works. The Modern and Contemporary Museum in Amsterdam also features works by pop art icons Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, as well as an exhibition entitled Reflecting Forward, by Studio Irma. The Moco Museum is the first museum in the world to present the work of Studio Irma in this way.

Girl with the Balloon

Banksy’s Girl with a Balloon first appeared on London’s South Bank in 2002 and is one of the artist’s most powerful works to date. There is something about the image of this little girl and her heart-shaped balloon that captures the spirit of childhood: peace, happiness, innocence, and wild dreams. Is she reaching for the balloon or has she let it go? Such a simple, yet powerful image.

Reflecting Forward

The cooperation between Moco and the Dutch contemporary artist Studio Irma has resulted in a new immersive digital art exhibition: Reflecting Forward. Colorful light effects and a rhythmic musical atmosphere guide you through the interactive artworks. This art installation is highly sought after as visitors can explore, experience, and meditate in their own way.