Your guide to the best events in Dubai this January


The New Year in Dubai is celebrated twice: secular on the night of January 1 and religious, the date of which changes annually, since it is determined by the Hijra Muslim calendar. In recent years, the Islamic holiday falls. So far the upcoming events in uae are concerned you can have the best deals now. You can have the best deals there and that is the reason you can have the perfect choices. You can check them and come up with the smartest deals. Greater limits are there for the best deal.

The Winter Options

In winter, Dubai has very comfortable weather not as hot as in summer, but warm enough to bask on the beach tourists willingly come here for the New Year holidays.

  • Secular New Year is celebrated mainly in clubs and restaurants – it is not customary to organize street festivities here. In the UAE, even on New Year’s Eve, alcohol can be drunk only on site or in a restaurant.
  • Dubai holiday parties are luxurious rich tables, shows with celebrities, discos with DJs known all over the world. The advent of the New Year is marked by colorful fireworks, in terms of scope and beauty competing for the title of the very best in the world.
  • In 2009 and 2014 Dubai fireworks hit the Guinness Book of Records.


The epicenter of the fireworks is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It is better to come here in advance in order to take good places and not get into traffic jams traditional for December 31. The return trip can also be a problem: after the fireworks, the whole crowd tries to go home by metro, forming huge lines. To avoid crowding, it is better to book a table in a restaurant or take a walk around the city.

The Right Arrangement

You can arrange a festive New Year’s dinner with a view of the fireworks, but it will cost a lot. The most luxurious parties are held at the famous Burj Al Arab hotels in the form of a sail and Atlantis The Palm.

The Popular Options

A popular option for celebrating the New Year in Dubai is a Gulf cruise. You can join a group voyage or rent a yacht yourself and celebrate a holiday in a narrow circle. One of the advantages of a cruise is the salute is clearly visible from the water.

Starting from January 1, the Trade Festival begins in Dubai, which continues throughout the whole month. Almost any product can be bought at discounts of up to 90%, including jewelry that is sold in large quantities and in a wide range. Sales are a pleasant addition to the New Year’s Eve, as are numerous excursions and entertainment.