How Can You Access Netflix While Overseas Without Fail?

Accessing Netflix is not overly difficult from overseas, but sometimes you will be given the local version of Netflix which does not give you the same options as you would have if you were in your home country. On top of this, there are quite a few countries in which Netflix will not allows you to log on from due to location restrictions.

In order to make sure that you can access your Netflix account in the same way as you would from your home router, you will need to install some software on to your computer.

There is also another way aside from installing software. You can buy a proxy server or purchase access to a server that is located in your home country. However, both these methods are not considered as safe as using what is known as VPN software.

First of all, VPN software is very user friendly. On the other hand, if you have to configure a proxy on your computer, this can become complicated and it may not always work. The other option, which is to buy access to a server in your home country can be quite pricey and comes with some security risks if you opt in for one of the cheaper server login options.

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Proxies often stop working. If you do want to use a proxy, then you will have to pay for it because the companies that sell proxies that work 100% of the time know that they are niche market. Most proxies fail in this industry and so if you do take this route, you are not guaranteeing connectivity to your Netflix account.

In short, purchasing access to a server is expensive, but reliable. However, using proxies can be unreliable, you will need a decent knowledge of IT, and to purchase a reliable proxy can be expensive.

The safest option is to use a VPN software program. They come in different packages depending on the speed/bandwidth of the connection, how many severs the company offers worldwide or in your home country and so on.

The best VPN companies to use are those that have servers all over the world. These companies are likely to have several servers in your home country that you will be access from overseas. For example, if you are Italian and want Netflix Italia, then make sure the VPN service provider that you choose has several servers in Italy. It would be pointless to use a VPN company with servers in the USA of you want to watch Italian films from your Italian version of Netflix.