The Video Marketing Is Changing the Marketing Dynamics

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Let’s get a little creative, find a brand voice and communicate. And there is nothing more eloquent than a video that moves the images synchronously creating a butterfly effect. Of course, as a corporation, you have to have the compelling brand story to convince your consumers and investors to trust in your ability. And your brand expression is the determining factor.

And finding the brand voice is far more important than anything else because your brand personality positions your brand in the market. And corporate videos are the sure-fire ways of communicating the brand story and brand propositions clearly. And you need corporate video production services to formulate griping brand tone. Let’s have a look at the present and the future of the video marketing.

  1. In 2017, the videos accounted for 74% online traffic and in 2018 it is expected to hit 80% mark
  1. More than 55% internet users watch videos each day
  1. More than 50% of executives agree that they will watch the video on a particular topic that has text and images rather than reading a lengthy copy or document.
  1. Almost 54% of the senior level executives share work-related videos with their subordinates every week.
  1. A subject line on the email that reads video increases the open rate by 19%
  1. A video on your landing page increase the conversion rate by 80%
  1. The online shoppers who watch demo videos are more likely to buy the products or service than the no-viewers
  1. 48% of the top-notch marketers are planning to include video in their content strategy in 2018
  1. The marketers that have used videos for their marketing have increased their revenue flow by more than 50%

corporate Video maker

Of course, the statistics are quite alluring, but you have to find the near-perfect corporate film services to boost your brand. And do not believe in the fact that any videos will enhance the brand value or visibility; in fact, a technically imperfect video can spoil the brand image.

Therefore, finding the professional corporate video production house is the key to the success. As the market grows, people without adequate knowledge, technological expertise and proper equipment venture into the market making it a cluttered market space.

You don’t want to fall into the wrong hands, right? An expert corporate video production company will have state-of-the-art technology, exceptional screenplay writers, storyboard artists, cinematographers. The crew must be qualified and experienced to create stunning videos.

Filmmaking as a subject is technical, and it has nothing to do with the intellectual curiosity or the so-called creativity that people boast. Actually, creativity is the last thing; firstly, the technicalities and narrative structure should be perfect; otherwise, creativity would be a confusing image-studded video with random images wandering aimlessly.

The need for superlative corporate film maker is so much more important, and you need to find such filmmakers who can bring out the brand idea on to the fluidity of the screen. So, choose the right company and tell the thought-provoking brand story.