Dance To The Best Amapiano (Continuous DJ Remix)

Electronic dance music has gained huge popularity across the world. It has become the first choice of dance and music lovers. Almost all clubs and dance parties are using electronic dance music to pump up energy and madness into the party. The increased reach of the internet and improved connectivity has also been instrumental in popularizing electronic dance music. One of the most popular style of electronic dance music is Amapiano. It is widely popular across te world due to its unique style and music.

What is amapiano?

Amapiano is a South African style of electronic dance music that originated in the mid-2010s in Gauteng, South Africa. It is a sub-genre of house music and kwaito music. Its sound is distinguished by elements of smooth jazz and high pitched piano melodies, using kwaito baselines, low tempo 90’s SA house rhythms and percussion from another local house subgenre. The amapiano (continuous dj mix) is quite popular.

Amapiano has become a sort of revolution in the Soth African music industry. Musicians and singers across the genres are trying out the amapiano style of music. According to leading critiques, its sound is more mature and soulful. It accommodates a variety of age groups whereas other varieties of electronic dance music are ridiculously loud and restricted. Starting in clubs and studios of South Africa, it has now reached beyond its borders and gone global.

amapiano (continuous dj mix)

Popularity of amapiano

 The music style has gained wide popularity across the world. It has found admirers not just in South Africa but all around the world. Initially, the music style was a confined success in townships, playing in pubs, and studios around Gauteng. The sound was actually a form of underground music, being shared around through social media and messaging apps. Of late, it became recognized by music streaming apps and platforms. The style was further popularized by DJs who would transform popular music hits and incorporate the jazzy low tempo within those tracks. It was done by many leading DJs of the country. Many leading musicians and singers have now recognized its popularity and musical appeal as an electronic dance music sub-genre.

Production and availability

The popularity of the genre is being cashed by all major DJs and musicians across the world. Almost all major music labels are producing amapiano music. Singers from across the genres are also showing interest in this style. This music style has also given some major music stars to the industry. These amapiano stars are now big names in the global music industry. The music products are available across the streaming platforms and apps. It is also available for download on many sites across the internet. Music apps have started a complete new section dedicated specifically to amapiano music. You can click for source here.