Famous Hip Hop Artists You Should Know About

There are many hip hop artists that most people don’t know about. If you are into hip hop music, there are plenty of artists that you can follow. Some of them make core American music, while others are international and often add influences from other countries into their music. Here are some of the best hip hop artists that you should know about.


PlayboiCartihas a certain ability to reduce the text to a gimmick, to get to the point without it never seem sloppy or “easy”. Listening to “Die Lit”, his first real album, we even understand that it is precisely this attitude that allows him to develop very audacious, almost experimental sounds sometimes – for that, we also say thanks to Pi’erre Bourne, a great orchestrator.

Cardi B

Presences of Chance The Rapper, Savage 21, YG or Migos could suggest that Cardi B does not have the qualities necessary to fully assume the long format. False: “Invasion Of Privacy” is a real demonstration, a first album carried by real pieces of kickers ( Get Up 10 ), titles that assume her Caribbean roots and a lot of confessions that come to prove that Cardi B is something else a little doll of labels or American entertainment .


Pieces that rarely exceed three minutes, a signature at GOOD Music, a performance noticed on the latest Kanye West album: as well as Valee, a native of Chicago, has everything atypical profile. “I rarely like the music I do. It’s as if nothing was good enough. I’m just thinking, waiting for the next best beat, the one that will allow me to do something better than before, “he told Pitchfork.


Yoshihisa Watanabe, also known as Omen44, is one of the leading hip hop artists in New York City. Born in Kobe, Japan, Omen44 realized that there was serious potential for hip hop in America, and made the move. He is a seasoned hip-hop artist and started by competing on beat contests. Over time, he began performing on numerous stages and established himself as a seasoned hip hop artist. Today, he performs in numerous concerts and is consistently one of the leading prominent figures in the world of hip hop. He has also released 2 EP’s, and has worked with several reggae legends as well. He was recently working with Nipps and Vikn.