There are many other things that take place in Bangalore other than work. IF you find yourself extremely busy in your day today office deadlines, family responsibilities and other chores then you need to explore your city. Don’t get so much wrapped in plenty of tasks and responsibilities that you have no time for yourself.

How about Concerts?

If you cannot afford to go on a long vacation or a holiday, it is still possible to enjoy some quality time right in your city. Just check out different concerts in Bangalore and you can have a great time. The concerts are not just related to western music or hip-hop music; but you can grab any type of musical concert getting organized in your city.

concerts in Bangalore

In case you have flair for piano then you can relish a musical concert getting organized on Saturday, 8th July 2017 7:00PM onwards. It is organized by The Bangalore School of Music. It is going to be a beautiful and melodious evening of Piano by Anand Seshadri. Anand Seshadriis a passionate musician and he was born in a non-musical family. Though he is an engineering graduate with distinction, his deep passion and love for music always boosted him towards the aim of becoming a performer. His beautiful musical journey started with private lessons under the Guitarist Thangadurai Samuel and he finished Grade 8 in Theory and Practical and then a Licentiate degree from Trinity College, London in the year 2010/ so, you must not miss his enlightening performances. You can learn a lot from a single musical concert taking place in your city.

There are many people who love rock music and if you are one of them then it is time that you listen to your favourite rock music live. Why to always listen and watch rock stars performing in a real sense? Go real and listen to your favourite rock bands giving exclusive live performance in concerts. You can check out different concerts taking place on weekends and grab tickets for one that suits you the best. Icing on the cake is that you can feel the music without any filter. Since the performers, signers, guitarists, pianists and other instrumentalists are performing live, there won’t be any filter. The music will touch your heart and soul directly!

Finally, if you have your wedding anniversary and you want to give a surprise to your beloved one then how about dedicating a musical weekend to her? You can do it by booking tickets of a sole full musical concert. Many celebrities do concerts in Bangalore and who knows your favourite one is one of them this weekend? The romantic and touching songs sung by the experts will win your heart for sure.

In nutshell, you must not stay away from these opportunities. While you are in a big city like Bangalore, you should make the most of it. People yearn for attending such types of high class concerts and for you, being a resident of Bangalore, it is not a big deal!