Piano learning is a very easy tasks, the only thing one needs to keep in mind is all the notes of the piano which is bit time taking process. This section is all about piano tutorial and learning how to play piano. As we know piano consist of 88 numbers of keys which is the mixture of black and white coloured keys. These key produces melody of different frequency.

Design and keys of piano

The white coloured keys are named on the basis of seven letters of English alphabet. The first thing is to identify the C note on the piano keyboard and then go on with D, E, F, G, A and finally B. All these keys repeats in a regular fashion and are called naturals. The black coloured keys are two or three in a sequence and are used to produce sharp or flat tone. These black keys on the piano are called as accidentals. The sharp tone is going high and moving to right while the flat tone is for going low and stepping left of the keyboard. The key to the right of the C note is also termed as the C# C sharp or as Db D flat. In similar fashion they are termed as D# or E flat. This was the all about being familiar with the keys to the piano.

Working of piano

The next thing about learning piano on this piano tutorial is getting familiar with the piano. After knowing all the 88 keys one needs to know ort get familiar with the piano in order to play the melody. This can be done by sitting can making yourself acknowledge with all the terms of piano and different part of it.

  • Now to get started with playing first and the foremost thing is to learn to produce humming, this helps a lot for the piano beginners and helps in easy learning.
  • After we are sorted with the basics of memorising different aspect of piano its keys and tones, the very next step is to move your fingers on the key and start playing some basic tone.
  • In the start the process will be very slow and but the sound generated will be similar.
  • Now as we move with the practise the speed of fingers over the keys needs to be increased which will make a good piano player and this was all about piano tutorial.


On this way the next is to learn all major keys with its proper orientation and the arrangements. All the white and black keys and what are called needs to be memorised. On the next note the beginners are given advice to learn all the different chords of the piano.When they will start with this they can get with the pattern and will be familiar with the orientation of different keys and placing.