Promising future of the marijuana industry

Legal marijuana is growing at a rapid rate compared to the smartphones, aerospace, automatics, gold, real estate, biotechnology, and software. By the year 2020, it is predicted that the legal marijuana market shall become a billion dollar industry. Millions of people indulge in marijuana on a daily basis, and most of the users want it to become legal. Once it becomes legal everywhere, many of the established firms such as agriculture, irrigation, tobacco, and pharmaceutical are going to be involved with it without any hesitation. It is now just a matter of time, saying a few years when marijuana will go mainstream.

The majority of the Americans have voted in favor of legal marijuana. A single dispensary of marijuana can bring millions of dollar in a year. The market for the cannabis edibles goes beyond the weeds. People who are smoking averse can use THC lip balms, topical compound, and harsh bath oils. The thirsty users of this compound use THC based sodas, coffees, and water. Cannabis is said to stimulate the appetite of the cancer patients, and it shows a lot of promise in treating rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, and epilepsy. To market this substance in a big way, Cannabis Trade Show San Francisco is being organized.

Medical Marijuana

The formal name of Marijuana is Cannabis. It comes from the flowers and leaves of Cannabis plant. It is not considered a legal substance in the US, and other countries and marijuana possession is a crime. However, several studies have claimed that the materials available in marijuana have medical uses especially for the treatment of terminal diseases like AIDS and cancer. Many theories support the legalization of Marijuana. It is an herb and used as an herbal medicine for many years. In this age, this compound is more appealing to the users because it is natural and organic and safe for human consumption.

It has strong medicinal uses. Many studies have reported that marijuana can treat pain and is very useful in the treatment of chronic pain that is experienced by the cancer patients. It is also considered effective against vomiting and nausea that are the side effects of ailments like cancer. Some researchers have also concluded that marijuana has therapeutic uses in neurological diseases. CBD has anticancer, antipsychotic, and antioxidant properties. Other cannabinoids can prevent IOP or high intraocular pressure that is a high- risk factor for the disease glaucoma. The FDA of the US has approved the drugs that contain the active ingredients of marijuana.

The Trade Shows

You can know about the trade shows of cannabis that are held in different parts of the world if you attend them. Expert and eminent speakers are present at the Cannabis Trade Shows San Francisco, and you can learn from them how to invest in a business. The Trade Shows have a gathering of suppliers from different countries, and they discuss how to gain investment opportunities in the growing cannabis industry. You get an excellent opportunity to interact with experts coming from different industry. You can attain knowledge regarding its cultivation, products, funding, and the industry insights.