The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Music for Your Wedding

Best Music for Your Wedding

Aside from a perfect entourage and bridal gowns, there’s one more important thing that can make your wedding utterly magical – and that is the music. Preparing for a wedding is indeed exhausting and confusing, but choosing the appropriate music for your ceremony and during the reception can be more stressful.

That’s why today, this article will discuss every important detail about wedding music from what ceremony songs to choose, the price, how long should the music lasts, or could be modern or classical, all questions can be answered today.

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Live or Pre-recorded Music?

Which do you prefer? Live singing band or a pre-recorded music? Here’s the catch, many couples decided to go with live music for their wedding ceremony. Live performances add customized vibes and intimate aura to the ceremony. Also, it gives a classier and more elegant wedding ceremony. So if you’re going to use live acoustic music for Weddings and Corporate events, make sure to hire a fantastic singer or band for the ceremony.

But on the other hand, if a couple loves a particular music arrangement performed by a certain singer, then choosing pre-recorded music would fit you the best.

Best Music for Your Wedding

What Type of Musicians Should You Hire for the Ceremony?

If you choose to live music, then the next step would be hiring a suitable musician for your ceremony. Remember, you don’t need a lot of musicians to be present in your ceremony, an appropriate number should fir from 1-4 musicians only. Because beyond that number, it can overpower the intimacy vibe for the ceremony, and too loud can ruin the overall mood.

For a smaller and intimate ceremony, one musician and instrument is enough to make your ceremony perfect and magical. It can be a single piano, or acoustic guitar, harp, or a cello. Whatever you choose will surely sound sweet and elegant, and at the same time promotes intimacy.

For a larger ceremony, a two or three-piece is a perfect combination for the ceremony. Usually, it consists of a guitar, piano, or violin. It gives a classy and movie-quality vibe to your ceremony.

How Many Songs Do You Need?

 Typically, you’ll need three songs:

  • Bridesmaids processional
  • Bridal processional
  • The recessional

You may use the same song for the bridesmaid’s processional and bride, but most brides choose a different song to make it more memorable. You may also pick an additional song for the parents/grandparent entrance.

Classical or Modern?

Whether you choose classical or modern ceremony songs, the musician will play it as a classical style due to the stringed instrument and piano. But that adds an elegant vibe to the ceremony, so if ever you choose a modern pop song that you like, they’ll play a classical version of it during the procession.

What Songs to Pick?

For the couple’s first dance, a song should be connected to their relationship. For the processional and ceremony music, pick the music that symbolizes your love with one another. You don’t need a singer for the ceremony, so feel free to choose any modern or classical song that will suit the ceremony.

But if the couple is both a jolly and happy person, you may choose a happy and joyful vibe while walking down the aisle. This music choice is perfect for recessional since most of the guest are excited to grab the food you prepare for them.