Trending Flowers for Indian Weddings in 2019

Nobody can imagine a wedding without flowers. They are the true essence of the wedding décor making it look all pretty and dreamy for the most special day. Flowers not only add colours but they also provide elegance,fragrance and set the right ambiance for the celebrations as well. Luckily, there are many variations and types of flowers to choose from.

While many brides opt for delicate flowers in subdued shades, the new age Indian brides love brightly coloured, pastel shaded as well as extravagant flowers. Flowers are often highly fragrant and bring a festive exuberance to the wedding occasion.

Ferns N Petals being the biggest flower brand India has been delivering flowers and has become a big name in the wedding industry with its décor services. Even FNP Gardens marriage venues are known for stunning floral décor. So, here is a list of some trending flowers for Indian Weddings in 2019 that has become a part of so many setups…

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Tulip is one of the more recognized flowers, its prime season is the spring and it looks too ethereal on weddings. They are being used upside down at the top to deck up a dreamy arrangements for passages into the venues. With its oblong shaped petals, the tulip has many different varieties and colours that pair beautifully with peonies for a stunning textured arrangement.


Hydrangeas represents elegance and grace. They have no stem, so one looks beautiful floating in a bowl of water with candles, and look stunning at dinner table for a touch of elegance.


Orchids are one of the favourites and they are noted as timeless, exotic flower that can add an air of mystery to your wedding. They also bring beauty and refinement, making a stunning accent to any arrangement.


Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, the lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. Their delicate blossoming petals, work great  if paired in a bouquet with other cream coloured flowers and eucalyptus. These are traditionally pink, white or red, but now you can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow.


Daisies are a perfect choice to brighten up the mood and bring a cheerful feel to any reception. White and yellow are a common colour palette to use with daisies, but they work well with just about anything.

You don’t have to be an expert to choose a flower that best suits your personality, wedding theme and venue. Make a statement with fresh, beautiful flowers for the bridal party, ceremony and reception.