When we talk to kids and ask what their hobby is, undoubtedly we can find that the answer would be dancing. But, most of the people do not know that dance is another form of exercise. Dance is another form of exercise which requires you to use most of the body muscles. dancing has come around for long time. dancing is the greatest part of the ancient ritual and this is being performed with the pair of music. People who are performing the dance with music will feel that, without music their dance will not completed. In Egypt, dancing performed before god is the most important element in the temple rituals. Besides for the rituals, dance is the another form of entertainment for the people even in some other countries.

As mentioned earlier, dancing is the wonderful type of exercise and therefore the dancing has huge benefits to the person who are really practicing it on regular basis. nothing will come perfect until it is practiced regularly. Some people think that doing exercise looks boring, but not dancing as boring factor. This is mainly because, as mentioned earlier the dancing will be carried down along with the music, therefore the people who are dancing will have great fun and at the same time you can perform an exercise.

While we perform dancing, the people do not need any equipment like there is not suitable form of exercise acing for dancing. All you need to do is to play the music along with the dance. With the dance, you can also perfume anywhere you really want especially at home. by dancing you can also stretch your body parts and with this dance you can get the body with perfect shape which you always waned and the dancing can also reduce stress. With the help of dance, you can even build up the stamina of the body and also the endurance, because dancing will consist of most of the styles of movements which for sure this will also build up the stamina. Dancing requires balance, this is considered to be the most important factor.