Story of maavintagaadhavinuma 2020

Watching Indian movies online has become a trend and a new way to entertain ourselves in this pandemic situation. The OTT platform has made it easy and convenient to watch movies and remove boredom and frustration from routine life. It is a new way out to have some entertainment in life in this stay-at-home situation. OTT platforms are an excellent alternative to release the movies for the viewers when it is not allowed to theatre release. The Telugu movies can be seen on the OTT platform aha.


One such new Telugu movies online recently been released in the year 2020 on aha is maavintagaadhavinuma. It is a beautiful movie about love, romance, and a college boy and girl’s separation with some comedy punch. This is a complete entertaining package for the viewers. You can find a new and funny love story that is not much different from other love stories but a fresh movie that Aditya Mandala directs.


The movie is about an Engineering college boy Sidhu (SidhuJonnalagadda), who is cheerful and does not have many goals in life. He falls in love with Vineetha (Seerat Kapoor) in the same college, but she does not feel the same for him. He discusses his love feelings for her with his father. A perfect relation between father and son is shown very nicely in the movie. His father then asks him first to offer friendship and makes her comfortable with you. Sidhu wonders and thinks what will be the result if she turned out with her and leave him. In this situation, his dad suggests just “move on” and respect her decision. 


With his father’s suggestion, Sidhu agrees and offers her a friendship. After some time, he tries to propose to her but couldn’t do it due to some uncertain instances. Almost after three years, he proposes to her, and Vineetha agrees with his proposal. Vineetha had to go for a pre-wedding shoot of his brother, and also Sidhu accompanies her to Goa. Their life takes a turn when they get drunk and get married at Goa. A friend of their viral recorded this video of their marriage. They decided to break up from their relationship as their families had to face this difficult situation and embarrassment. Sidhu is always there to support Vineetha, no matter what the situation is. They try to convince their families for their relationship and, with their support, make a place in society for themselves. The situations they face due to their mistakes and feel guilty, but Sidhu stands with her to overcome this problem.


This is an excellent and must-watch movie on aha. A perfect movie is to be on your list of Telugu new movies to watch. More such romantic Telugu movies are streamed on aha for its viewers. Subscribe to aha to watch and relish the love story of the couple.